Easy Installation of Your Siding

Cedar or Pine, Smooth or Hewn, Pre-finished or Unfinished — We’ll Help You Choose!

We offer you a myriad of siding choices — all manufactured with easy installation in mind. All our wood siding is

  • tongue & groove
  • end-match
  • with prefinishing available

Chose our siding and you will cut your installation time in half and virtually eliminate waste. Our siding does not require caulking in the butt joints, no face nailing, and little to no checking.

When you place your order, we’ll help you choose your wood, your type of finish and can advise you on our popular pre-finishing which saves you time and money during installation.  All you have to do is ask!

Contact us, request a sample or just email our experts today. We’re here to help you pick your best stain!

We’ll guide you through the following options:

Type of Wood

  • White Cedar
  • Pine


  • Machined smooth for a polished finish


  • Hand-hewn for a rustic appearance

We have many pre-finished options to choose from. See our charts on our pre-finish page and contact us if you have questions about color, durability, etc.  You may also request a sample of your wood and finish anytime.


Our siding comes in a variety of sizes

  • Quarter-log is milled to 2×6 or 2×8
  • Half-log is milled to 3×6, 3×8 or 3×10
  • Paul Bunyan Siding™ milled to 4×8, 4×10 and 4×12 sizes (Custom-created, massive, hand-scribed with full log appearance)

Log Siding – Tongue & Groove, End-Matched

Pine Cedar Hand Hewn Pre-Finished
2×6 1.05/LF 2.45/sq ft 1.49/LF 3.48/sq ft add 0.25/LF add 0.52/LF
3×6 1.65/LF 3.95/sq ft 2.45/LF 5.73/sq ft add 0.25/LF add 0.52/LF
2×8 1.49/LF 2.50/sq ft 2.25/LF 3.79/sq ft add 0.25/LF add 0.52/LF
3×8 2.30/LF 3.71/sq ft 3.35/LF 5.49/sq ft add 0.25/LF add 0.52/LF
3×10 2.95/LF 4.03/sq ft 5.15/LF 7.04/sq ft add 0.25/LF add 0.52/LF
4×10 5.50/LF 6.90/sq ft 7.45/LF 10.18/sq ft Included add 0.52/LF

Don’t forget! Order your trim and accent pieces to match! See our trim and corners section.

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